The Dark Secrets Behind Your Home Mortgage


F or many people, a home mortgage loan is one step on the way to the American dream. You get the cushy job, the fancy car, the spouse, the 2.5 kids, the dog… and the house. What many people don’t realize is that your home may be costing you much more over time than the list price.

Many people, over the course of their loan, overpay for their house by thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars. American spend most of their adult lives paying for their dreams, when in reality, their lenders are living theirs. To learn more about debt and how you can become debt-free, visit Smart Debt, and start saving.

Let’s begin with an example. A couple has a 30-year mortgage of $200,000 at a 4.5% interest rate. Their monthly payment is $1,013. At that rate, in the first year, over $8,000 of the money they paid is going toward JUST interest. This unfortunate couple is spending over $8,000 per year on absolutely nothing. That’s 73% of their yearly payments.

“American spend most of their adult lives paying for their dreams, when in reality, their lenders are living theirs.”

By the 20th year of their 30-year mortgage, this couple has paid over $243, 000. That’s more than their home even cost, and they still owe their lender over $97,000 in principal, and have 10 years on their mortgage left to go! By their final year of their loan repayment, they will have paid $365,000 to their lender… nearly twice what their home cost in the first place.

It’s not just this couple that this has happened to. Americans all across the country are making egregious payments only on interest, not even making a dent into the principal that they borrowed in the first place. Lenders are taking that money and laughing straight to the bank.

Americans wonder why they aren’t getting ahead, not even considering all the interest they are paying.

There’s some good news though! It doesn’t have to be that way. There is a simple, online solution, specially designed to help homeowners just like you, who are struggling to get ahead and make ends meet. Americans who are buried under debt, and not even sure where it’s coming from. This program can help homeowners just like you put an average of 18 years or more of home mortgage payments back in your own pocket.

If only the couple we were just talking about had known of this solution. If they’d known, they could have spent only $63,000 in interest over the 30 years of their mortgage, instead of the $165, 000 they paid in interest. That’s equivalent to if their loan had only a 1.9% interest rate. Their house would have been paid off in just 12 years! What do you think they would have rather spent that money on?

Let’s talk about what this program is not. You will not have to: refinance, change your bank, increase your monthly payment, modify your mortgage, or change your mortgage terms in ANY way. This revolutionary debt elimination program will change your life, and it’s called the Debt Shredder.

Those who don’t understand interest
are doomed to pay it…

…Those who do are destined to earn it.”

– Author Unknown

So, what you must be wondering now, is how does it all work? How could this program possibly be that good?

How the Debt Shredder works is that it is a program you input your debts and interest rates into, and it calculates how long it will take you to pay them off. You enter in your income, including tax refunds, and it tells you how best to invest your money into your debts by calculating the fastest ways to pay off the maximum amount of interest, in the LEAST amount of time.

With the Debt Shredder, you can finally make your money work for YOU, instead of just you working for your money. Imagine the freedom of a life without debt.

If you choose not the follow the program’s recommended spending, you simply enter that action into the program. The Debt Shredder will then tell you how much you are actually spending on that purchase in additional interest over time that you could have paid down on your existing debt. Perhaps that will be a good deterrent from some poor decision-making?

The Debt Shredder program will not force you to follow its recommendations to the letter. It gives you the choice to deviate from its recommendations, but it educates you on the true cost of those decisions. Sometimes a large purchase is necessary, but this program will help you keep everything on track and fully realize the financial impact of those decisions.

Whenever you experience a financial event, such as a new debt, or a pay raise, the Debt Shredder will recalculate and keep you on track. You will ALWAYS know how much you are spending, and on what. You will always know what the best step for you to take is financially, no matter the circumstances. Just think of the Debt Shredder as your financial GPS.

The only All-In-One financial tool for Budgeting, Debt Elimination, Credit Score Improvement and Wealth Accumulation.

London Street View.

If you’re interested in the revolutionary Debt Shredder but not quite sure how to proceed, that’s okay. We have you covered. You can view a live webinar designed to teach you all about the Debt Shredder. Discover how to reach your financial goals, eliminate debt, and start living your dream life, taught to you by a Debt Shredder expert. What’s better, registration is free.

The Debt Shredder is truly the tool you’ve been waiting for. It is the sledgehammer that will help you smash through your debt into the life you’ve always wanted. Start building your wealth, and living your life, instead of drowning in debt and making other people rich with extra interest payments. The Debt Shredder is your ticket to paradise.


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